Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thanks for a great year!

Thank you to all who came out for our conferences and lectures this year! We had a record number of events, and it was good to see so many familiar faces and to make new friends of the Center as well. Check back later in the summer when we will post our fall slate of events, and look out for our newsletter.

Friday, May 6, 2011

SATURDAY: Angelus films at the DPAC

Join us at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 7 for a free screening of the Angelus Award-winning short films from Hollywood's Family Theater Productions. Tickets can be reserved by calling the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center at (574) 631-2800. The directors will be joining us for a Q&A after the screenings, followed by an open reception in Legends. This year we will be featuring four award-winning short films emphasizing positive values, including the Oscar-winning "God of Love." The films include:

  • God of Love (2011 Oscar winner): A love-struck, lounge singing darts champion finds his prayers answered--literally--when he receives a box of passion-inducing darts. Running time: 18:00 minutes. By Luke Matheny of New York University.
  • Our Neck of the Woods: Bob Underwood's mundane life at the plastic deer lawn ornament factory is disrupted by an enchanting Georgian refugee. He decides to rescue her, whether she wants it or not. Running time: 17:00 minutes. By Rob Connolly of University of Southern California.
  • Sing Me to Sleep (Norwegian): A 45-year-old postal worker embarks on a desperate search for a girlfriend to introduce to his terminally ill mother in an effort to fulfill her last wish. Running time: 29:40 minutes. By Magnus Arnesen of The Polish National Film School.                                                         
  • Kunjo: Betrayal complicates the burgeoning friendship of two Indian girls from across the class divide when the local school holds a story telling competition. Running time: 25:00 minutes. By Terri Samundra of San Francisco State University.
Visit here for more information.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inaugural Evangelium Vitae Banquet honors Doerflinger

The online edition of Notre Dame Magazine features an account by Michael Garvey, assistant director of public information and communication at Notre Dame, of the banquet held last Thursday to honor Richard Doerflinger, the first recipient of the Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Medal, sponsored by the Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life. Read the story here.