Monday, February 7, 2011

European Journies of Formation: New Calls and New Charisms in France

The Nanovic Institute for European Studies is offering a great opportunity this Thursday evening to speak to young, fascinating individuals who have spent lots of time in Europe and have some amazing, international stories to share:  from time in a leper colony in China, to discussions about the dances of Israel, to his current work on the reciprocity of marriage and celibacy. 

Brother Anthony of the Transfiguration and Sister Nikki, members of the Community of the Beatitudes, will share their stories on Thursday, February 10 at 5:00 pm in Geddes Auditorium, and a pizza reception afterwards (until about 8:00 pm) in the Geddes Hall Coffee House.   Details:

Brother Anthony of the Transfiguration was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. After about a year as a student at Notre Dame, he spent four years in diocesan seminary. During seminary, he got to know the Community of the Beatitudes, one of many new communities and movements born in France in the wake of the second Vatican Council. In the Beatitudes, Anthony recognized a way to root his priesthood in the fabric of community praise, service, and fraternal relationships. In 2002, he left seminary to enter the community and spent two years in a monastic rhythm in Italy, two years of formation in Hebrew and Judaism in Israel, a pastoral year with the Beatitudes’ house in Denver, two years of Theology in France, and he is presently finishing a masters in Christian Anthropology at the Faculty of Saint Teresa of Avila in

During a year of study at Universität Salzburg in Austria, Sr. Nikki encountered the Community of the Beatitudes at the bus stop. God used this providential moment to change her life forever! After entering the Community of the Beatitudes in Denver (2002), she was sent to France for two years of formation. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, summa cum laude, in 2002 with a degree in architecture and German studies. Sr. Nikki has since worked in music and liturgy, translations, the parish, and teaching. In the missionary spirit of the Community of the Beatitudes, she has spent time with the Beatitudes’ missions in Mexico, Israel, and most recently, a leper colony in China. Sr. Nikki is currently teaching at St. Catherine of Siena School and working on a Master’s in Biblical Theology at the Augustine Institute in Denver.

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