Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Religious Freedoms Panel

The Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study is sponsoring:

Religious Freedoms Panel and Workshop Announcement

Religious freedom has been called the only constitutional principle of the United States. Recent popes have referred to it as the fundamental right from which all other rights derive. Yet accord among papacy, Presidency, and United Nations about the importance of religious freedom has not translated into agreement about what it means in theory or looks like in practice.

The panel discussion of “The Past, Present, and Future of Religious Freedoms” featuring Scott Appleby, Brad Gregory, and Atalia Omer will bring clarity to this topic by considering its historical, conceptual, and political dimensions. These panelists will discuss the promises and dangers that face the modern discourse of religious freedom in a global society where it can serve as both a mobilizing force for peace and a source of violent conflict.

The kickoff event for the graduate workshop on “Religious Freedoms, Modern Contexts” is scheduled for September 22 at 4:00 pm in McKenna Hall, Room 100-104. For more information on the workshop sponsored by the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts and the Mellon Foundation, please visit

All students, faculty, and public are invited. Refreshments will follow the event.

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