Friday, January 14, 2011

Oxford Conference on the Principle of Double Effect

If you're in the UK, you should check out the Anscombe Bioethics Center's conference "Exploring Double Effect" on Feb. 19 at Blackfriars Permanent Private Hall, Oxford. It features Timothy Chappell, Joseph Boyle, John Wyatt, Joseph Shaw, John Finnis, Helen Watt, and Sir Anthony Kenny.

"A preeminent and international line up of philosophers, bioethicists, legal philosophers and moral theologians
discuss Double Effect Reasoning (DER). DER is a way of dealing with the problem of whether
and in what circumstances we may knowingly cause bad side effects. This reasoning has huge significance
both for theoreticians and decision makers in fields which take side effects seriously, such as
medicine, warfare, law and politics."

To register, contact

If you are not in the UK, the proceedings will also be broadcast live as a video webcast. Online participants will also be invited to submit questions ‘live’ via email/IM. If you would like further information about this broadcast, please contact

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